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2nd workshop on advanced biomaterials
and biomedical applications

Friday 22 October 2010
Place: Conference & Cultural Center of
the University of Patras

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The current network has the main target to advance and strengthen the interactions between different research groups in the University of Patras that have scientific background in different fields of biomaterials and biomedical applications. The network focus on the development of complementary scientific, technological and educational actions related to the enhancement of biocompatibility and the antibacterial protection of materials used in biomedical devices. For the successful accomplishment of this goal the network involves research groups that have collaborated in the past in scientific activities ( and also in the co-organization of educational ( and dissemination activities (

In addition, new groups from the University of Patras have been included in the network in order to further enhance the network potential in fields as biomaterials preparation and in vitro characterization, molecular and biological biocompatibility mechanisms, drug delivery, toxicity evaluation and applications of biomaterials in surgery and urology.
Particular attention has been given in the network structure and organization through the development of smaller and flexible units that will coordinate and follow the progress of the different network actions:

(a) Dissemination of results and network activities

(b) Network upgrade, expansion and sustainability

(c) Participation of the network in funded European or / and National projects.

In such a way the equal participation of all groups and the contribution of young
researchers in the network is ensured.


The network coordinator

Prof. Y.F. Misirlis

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1st workshop on advanced biomaterials
and biomedical applications
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2nd workshop on advanced biomaterials
and biomedical applications